• Positions between pillow and pillowcase to provide the gentle and adjustable support of air for the cervical spine; easily inflates to desired comfort level and deflates for portability.
  • Provides cervical support while sleeping.
  • Manufactured from medical grade durable nylon-coated vinyl with open-valve system.
Product Number Single Case/12
Blue 84-6051-100 84-6051-300
Sizing Guide Product measures 21” x 4”

Wipe exterior surface with damp cloth.
You may use disinfectant or mild soap.
Never use cleaning fluid.
Let pillow air dry.
Do not use any appliance for drying.

  1. Unfold Pillo completely.
  2. Gently & moderately blow air into Pillo with 3 or 4 breaths
    (The Pillo should be soft rather than firm to gain the benefits of “floating air” action).
  3. Place cap firmly into valve (moisten slightly if it tends to stick.)
  4. Hold Pillo on lap and with hand, press down in middle, forcing valve up.
  5. With the other hand, press on valve until it recedes into Pillo.