The Solar OA brace is a state-of-the-art solution to the growing demand for custom orthotics. Featuring the SolarTech molding & curing process for near-native zero offloading, a 90-second UV light bath solidifies the brace and ensures custom definition and durability. With a hardness value of D75, once cured and custom-fit, the Solar OA is comparable on the hardness scale to a construction helmet.

Built with a stainless steel hinge, Solar OA leads the market in weight, durability and stabilization. A low-profile hinge provides a superior fit for the patient while silicone cuffs bonded to malleable high-grade stainless steel offer unmatched lateral molding. Quick-release buckles allow for hassle-free application.

  • Universal Sizing – Only 2 items to stock
  • Fit of a custom in less than 10 minutes
  • Adjustable thumbwheel controls the offloading force
  • Offload force engagement from 10° – 60°
  • Channeled fabric-covered padding for breathability in hot climates
  • Removable stops control knee flexion in 15° increments from 15° – 60°

HCPCS Code: L-1843 (Custom Fit) or L-1851 (OTS)

PDAC Letter

Solar OA Knee Brace Product Number
Right 80-1000
Left 80-1001
Fits maximum thigh circumference of 35”, calf 25”
Additional Components
UV Light 80-1040
Starter Kit* 80-1045
Replacement Parts
Thigh Cuff – Right 80-1010
Thigh Cuff – Left 80-1011
Calf Cuff – Right 80-1012
Calf Cuff – Left 80-1013
Liner Kit – Right 80-1020
Liner Kit – Left 80-1021
Strap Kit – Universal 80-1030
Cotton/Lycra Undersleeve (Sold Separately)
Size Product Number Sizing Guide
XS 80-0010 13″-20″
S 80-0011 14″-22″
M 80-0012 15″-24″
L 80-0013 16″-26″
XL 80-0014 19″-28″
2XL 80-0015 22″-29″
Measurement taken 8″ above mid patella
Suggested Billing Code: L-2397

*Starter Kit Components

  • Solar OA Knee Brace
  • 1 Thigh Replacement Cuff
  • 1 Calf Replacement Cuff
  • 2 Demo Cuffs with Pads
  • Condyle Pad
  • 18″ Silicone Grip Pad
  • UV Light
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable (UV Light)
  • Brace IFU
  • UV Light IFU
  • Replacement Cuff IFU

Foam pads may be removed and either hand or machine washed.
Air dry.
Do not machine dry.
Do not bleach
*Do not Iron*