This item has been discontinued. 

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  • Features sewn-in contoured posterior stays and medial/lateral stays with patella opening for optimal immobilization.
  • Indicated for post-op knee immobilization and mild to severe knee injuries where full extension of the leg is desired.
  • Constructed of breathable foam with canvas outer, hook and loop closure straps and aluminum stays.

HCPCS Code: L1830

Product Number 2XS XS S M L XL
13″L 51-1529 51-1530 51-1531 51-1532 51-1533 51-1534
17″L 51-1540 51-1541 51-1542 51-1543 51-1544
19″L 51-1551 51-1552 51-1553 51-1554
23″L 51-1561 51-1562 51-1563 51-1564
Pedi 13″L 51-1529 51-1530 51-1531 51-1532
Sizing Guide 7”- 10” 10”- 13” 13”- 16” 16”- 18” 18”- 20” 20”- 22”
Measurement taken from leg circumference 4” above mid-patella.

Remove any metal stays if possible.
Close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap.
Product should be air-dried.
Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

  1. Open knee immobilizer and remove stay assemblies.
  2. Position knee immobilizer so patella strap will go over the mid-line of the patella with wide end toward thigh and back stays along midline of leg.
  3. Use small hook tab to hold body around knee.
  4. Attach stay assemblies, inside first, to accommodate calf and thigh circumference.
  5. Starting at the bottom and moving up, thread straps through buckles and pull back, attaching straps where comfortable.
  6. Pull patella strap across knee and attach.