We designed this brace to increase patient comfort and save the practitioner valuable application time. Based on comments about frequently having to trim the distal end of humeral braces, the mid length was born. Corflex also offers extended and standard length braces. All three are designed to control humeral segments through soft tissue compression.

  • Controls humeral segments through circumferential soft tissue compression and features deltoid cap extension to prevent migration; shorter length eliminates need to trim distal end.
  • Indicated for treatment of humeral diaphyseal fractures or deep humeral bone bruises.
  • Constructed of rigid polyethylene laminated with closed cell foam lining and contact closure; includes two stockinette undersleeves and one arm sling.

HCPCS Code: L3980

PDAC Letter

Product Number XS S M L XL 2XL
37-2180 37-2181 37-2182 37-2183 37-2184 37-2185
Sizing Guide
Proximal 7”- 9” 9”- 11” 11”- 13” 13”- 15” 15”- 17” 17”- 19”
Distal 6”- 7” 7”- 9” 9”- 11” 11”- 13” 13”- 15” 15”- 17”
Measurement taken at widest part of bicep and above elbow.

Wipe plastic shell with damp cloth.
You may use disinfectant or mild soap and wipe dry.
For products with a removable liner, you may hand wash the liner in warm water with mild soap and air dry.
Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

  1. Place one layer of stockinette on upper portion of arm.
  2. Loosen all straps and slide over affected arm with deltoid cap resting comfortable on shoulder joint.
  3. Gently tighten straps to achieve comfort, making sure not to overtighten straps.
  4. If applicable, farthest end of splint may be trimmed and bottom strap moved up to allow 90 degrees of elbow flexion.
  5. Crisscross long strap, attached to the closest end, over shoulder on injured side and pass through opposite underarm and back to buckle.
    NOTE: Consult physician if swelling of lower arm and/or hand occurs.